Woman Awarded $522,000 In Slip And Fall Case

CNBC - September 28, 2015

A woman from New Jersey has been awarded a $522,000 settlement in her slip and fall personal injury lawsuit against a local Dunkin Donuts. Maria Marsala was carrying a tray of steaming hot coffee, when she tripped over a spike in the parking lot.

The mis-placed metal rebar spike was exposed as a result of a chunk of the curb stop outside of the Dunkin Donuts having been dislodged. As a result of her fall, Marsala suffered multiple injuries including burns from the coffee and back and should injuries requiring surgery.

The case, however, is far from over. The property owner of the strip mall has also been named in the suit, which is lated to move to trial at the end of September.

Anita Balakrishnan