Stairwell Collapse Prompts Lawsuit - October 12, 2015

A young couple in Florida is suing a motel, Casa 325, after a stairwell in the facility collapsed under them. Jendry Castell and Maria Arrellano, both only 23, were walking down the second-floor staircase at Casa 325 when it suddenly collapsed beneath them. Both were rushed to the Lower Keys Medical Center where they spent 6 days in treatment before they were able to be moved to a hospital closer to their home in Miami. 

The couple sustained multiple injuries including broken bones in their ankles and legs. Unfortunately, the young couple also suffered serious back and neck injuries as well, injuries that are likely to affect their quality of life far into the future.

The couple has filed a back and neck injury lawsuit in Florida state court against the owner of the Casa 325 building.

Gordon Gibb