$250,000 Awarded To Dog Bite Victim

Connecticut Law Tribune - October 28, 2015

A 70-year-old woman, Joan Scarveles, was awarded a $250,000 after incurring a severe dog bite from her neighbor’s dog.

At the time of the incident, Joan was outside in her garden picking tomatoes. She offered to share a few of the fresh tomatoes with her neighbor, Madalena Frater, who was also sitting outside in her backyard. As she was reaching over the fence to hand the tomatoes to her neighbor she was attacked by her neighbor’s dog, a boxer mix, who ran over and bit her hand.

The bite was so strong it ripped both the skin and tissue off of Scarveles’ hand. The wound required plastic surgery and a skin graft to repair, but Scarveles was still left with permanent scars and she continues to have discomfort using the hand.

Much to the relief of the victim, lawyers were able to reach a settlement out of court. 

Christian Nolan