Settlement Reached Over Death Of Fetus

Stamford Advocate - November 30, 2015

A doctor in Stamford, CT has agreed to a settlement after being sued for the wrongful death of a fetus. The doctor in question, Dr. Corrinne de Cholnoky agreed to the settlement just as the case was set for trial before a Superior Court. 

The victim, Melanie Foster, went to Dr. de Cholnoky to get her IUD checked and removed because 5 months had passed since her last period. Dr. de Cholnoky did attempted to remove the IUD using forceps and neglected to perform a pregnancy test prior to the procedure. Foster turned out to be 20 weeks pregnant, and the removal of the IUD ruptured her fetal membrane. 

Soon after, Foster was hospitalized with maternal fever and a high white blood count. Her child, born alive, died several hours later. Superior Court Judge Michael Kamp ruled that the fact that the fetus was born alive qualified it to be considered as a plaintiff in the wrongful death suit.    

Daniel Tepfer