San Diego Man Sues Over Dog Bite - December 04, 2015

The family of a San Diego man is suing animal rescue and adoption agency, Labrador and Friends, and the County of San Diego over a severe dog bite. 

The family bringing the suit adopted the dog in question through Labrador and Friends. Although the rescue organization gave the family a wealth of information about the dog prior to adoption, they neglected to disclose the fact that the dog had attacked a woman just two weeks prior. According to the lawsuit, the dog had attacked a woman and inflicted a bite so severe it nearly severed one of her fingers and she had to be hospitalized. Had the family known this, they claim they would have never adopted the dog, saving their son from being bitten. 

The victim, a 21-year-old male, was watching television when the dog attacked him, unprovoked, biting him on the face. He was rushed to the hospital, but the damage had already been done. The dog bite had torn his nose from his face. As a result, he will need a number of reconstructive surgeries and laser treatments. 

Melissa Mecija