Preparing to Meet with a Bankruptcy Lawyer

When meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer at RobertsMiceli LLP for the first time, you’ll want to get the most out of your consultation by providing your counsel with all the information needed to discuss your financial situation and options. To get the most from an initial meeting, please bring:

  • Information on income and assets.

  • 6 month’s worth of pay stubs for you and your spouse.

  • A copy of the deed to your home, showing exactly how you hold title.

  • Information on the make, model, mileage and accessories on each vehicle.

  • A list of the value of stocks, deposit accounts, brokerage accounts.

  • Information on your gross income for the past two calendar years.

  • A recent bill from each creditor or a list of creditors and the amount you owe.

  • Tax notices for each year for which you have unpaid taxes.

  • Car loan information- interest rate, payoff, or a copy of your car lease.

  • Balances on each loan secured by your home or other assets.

  • Information regarding any lawsuits or judgments filed against you.

  • A total of any unpaid property tax.

  • If you operate a business, bring the business’s most recent tax return and the most recent income and expense information, plus any premises or equipment leases. Estimate the value of inventory, equipment and tools, and accounts receivable.

Be ready to discuss any unusual financial situations you have going on:

  • Are you a co-signor on any loans?

  • Do you have a lawsuit that hasn’t yet been filed or is pending?

  • Do you appear on your parents’ or siblings property title?

  • Do you have a property trust?

  • Are you entitled to an inheritance from someone who has recently died?

  • Are you likely to inherit money in the next year?

  • Are you getting a tax refund?

We will need a full understanding of all these factors to evaluate the timing and applicability of bankruptcy proceedings. At RobertsMiceli LLP, we will work with you to get an accurate compilation of all your information to start your bankruptcy petition.

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